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Lotus SUP Yoga Teacher Training


This is a Namaste SUP Yoga endorsed program.

Become part of an amazing community of yoga teachers that enjoy the water and teaching in some of the most beautiful studios on Earth, the Great Outdoors. Lotus SUP Yoga raises the bar and exceeds many programs that are out there because we have morphed all that works together! Lotus SUP Yoga is a Nationally Branded program that started in the Great Lakes Region in 2012.

We promote you as a successful and confident SUP Yoga Teacher! Cost: $445


Spend 3 days, including more than 14 hours of water-training with Riviera SUP Yoga Ambassador and Owner of SUP Yoga Michigan, Linda Brown. Linda brings her knowledge from 4 years of building SUP Yoga in Michigan. Along with Kripalu Yoga Center, Spirit Rising’s Stacey Coffey, H2YO SUP Yoga, Erich Schiffman, Betty Eiler and RYT 200, WPA, PaddleFit, Great Lakes Surf Rescue Trainings.
Receive the most comprehensive, hands-on, thought provoking water rescue and emergency training offered in the Great Lakes Region, by the Great Lakes Surf Rescue Education Team, a Nationally recognized organization in the SUP Industry and Drowning Prevention World.
What are the differences in the equipment that your students and yourself will be practicing on? We will go over all of the various types of boards, paddles and accessories that are right for where you live and your activities.
To anchor or not-to-anchor? Learn the A to that Q!
There is a difference when teaching on the water, as opposed to in a studio. Even the most-well regarded yoga teachers need to adapt and modify their teaching style on the water. You will learn to teach a new paddler and a new SUP Yoga student.
Understanding the steps of teaching a beginner for paddling technique from beginner to advanced, various ways of turning, maneuvering and self-rescue and more is included.
You will be responsible for practicing and instructing your peers & Lindy in your own words and with the guided themes.
Become part of a community of teachers that support each other with advice, opportunities and encouragement internationally.
Many more benefits for becoming a Lotus SUP Yoga Instructor.

Lotus Classes that You’ll Teach:

Blue Lotus Beginner – Paddling Technique and self-rescue, with gentle paddle board yoga. Connecting the themes between the sky and earth.
White Lotus SUP Yoga – Modified for the novice stand up paddle and yoga person. Challenging enough for everyone, gentle enough for everyone. Mind, Body, Spirit with theme guides.
Pink Lotus SUP Yoga – Taking SUP yoga to the next level with the guided themes and flowing asanas. This is also a class for a yogi who knows their favorite poses.


Submit Yoga 200+ Certification.
Verify 2 years of teaching, or contact us for alternative
Minimum 12 months of stand up paddling, minimum experience
Submit CPR/First Aid Certification
Submit application


Please email

Requirements courtest of  Namaste SUP.

As a prerequisite, S.U.P Yoga Instructors must have at least their 200 RYT before receiving continuing education and certification in Stand Up Paddle Yoga.
S.U.P Yoga Instructors must be CPR and First Aid Certified upon completion of their Stand up Paddle Yoga Teacher Training.
S.U.P Yoga Instructors will demonstrate and obtain knowledge on water safety.
S.U.P Yoga Instructors will learn various anchor systems, that can be used to teach stand up paddle yoga classes.
S.U.P Yoga Instructors will learn basic yoga sequences that can be taught with on land stand up paddle yoga classes as well as with on water stand up paddle yoga classes.
S.U.P Yoga Instructors will obtain knowledge of anatomy, benefits and contraindications for basic stand up paddle yoga asanas.
S.U.P Yoga Instructors upon completion of their stand up paddle yoga certification, will be able to teach and demonstrate proper paddling form and technique.
S.U.P Yoga Instructors will reflect the eight limbs into their teaching practices on land and on the water.

Stand Up Paddle Board Instructor Training

Call 810-626-8923

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Video of Unique SUP Experience

June 23, 2014 Suttons Bay, Michigan   Paddle the Mitten and SUP Michigan have the commitment to bring unique experiences that create lasting memories and relationships.  Unlike other Stand Up Paddle Board companies, we are dedicated to going the extra mile.

Check out this excerpt from SUP Michigan’s SUP & Sip Wine Tours in Leelanau County.

After clicking on the link above, share this with your friends if you like what you see!

See you soon on the water!

Mahalo, Lindy


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Summer Solstice Saturday

June 21, 2014 The best day of the year is any day that we can get out on the water and enjoy Michigan’s most beautiful natural resource, the fresh water lakes!  This past Saturday we gathered at Seven Lakes State Park in Fenton to celebrate the official first day of summer.  Mother Nature did not disappoint!

We offer the most unique Stand Up Paddling experience in Michigan.  Here’s what our clients say:

“U r such an amazing hostess! Loved the day on the lake doing SUP n yoga with some amazing women.” Z from Farmington Hill, MI

“Great time! Every year it is so different and yes, always such an eclectic group of ladies every time, makes it so interesting. We are all drawn to the water. Lunch was superb! Thank you Karrie for teaching me how to Zentangle, glad I stayed for that.
Thank Lin, love you!” Kim, Linden, MI

It was a great weekend for sure, with new and life-long friends.  You ladies always amaze me.  Thank you for coming out!  See you soon!

Blissfully yours, Linda

2014-06-20 22.54.08 2014-06-21 23.47.00-3

2014-06-20 22.40.52
2014-06-20 22.46.41
2014-06-21 21.48.17
2014-06-21 23.45.20-1 IMG_4549

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Saturday, Summer, Solstice & SUP June 21st!


2013 Summer Solstice SUP

What are you doing to celebrate the Summer Solstice?

Location: Seven Lakes State Park, Big Seven Boat Launch

For the past 3 years we have come together and enjoyed the most beautiful day of the year, the day of light symbolizing what is around us and within us.  Every year our celebration grows and every year we do things just a little bit differently.

This year’s schedule is:

11am Paddle Like a Pro Class $30

Noon  Picnic Lunch $9

1:15 SUP Yoga $30

2:15 Fitness, Fun & Social Paddle  $30

Register for Seperate Classes or a Package for $70. 810-626-8923

See our CALENDAR page for more information!

This is a Fresh Air Fitness and Rec 202 program offered through the Michigan Department of Natural Resources and Paddle the Mitten’s Women’s Wellness workshops.

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What did you get your Dad?

We have some specials going on for this special Sunday! $70 for your Dad & you with the equipment and instruction.  It’s $30 for up to 4 people and then $25 for any additional.

Reserve your board now! 810-626-8923


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Brewed Coffee & Boards by the Bay!

2014-06-06 20.04.172014-06-05 15.30.25

Sutton’s Bay, the most perfect place to learn how to Stand Up Paddle in Michigan!

Every Saturday morning you’ll find SUP Michigan’s, Ryan Tiderington meeting new paddlers at the Suttons Bay Marina Beach.  Along with freshed brewed coffee & paddle boards, join in on one memorable morning.  No one has ever said, they wished they never came to a class!

Brewed Coffee & Boards for Beginners takes place every Saturday at 10am – 11:30 for $45. Board rentals are available at the same time if you’d like to join and you are an experienced paddler.

Registern online at our MindBody registration center.

What to bring:  Sunscreen, comfy water clothes, sunglasses that you’ll not miss if you lose, hat, lifevest and a friend!

Call 810-626-8923 for inquiries.

I gaurentee that you’ll have an amazing time on the water in Suttons Bay!

Mahalo Michigan, Lindy

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Brew, Boards & Brunch A Success!

Why We “ARE” Different than Other SUP Companies in the Area

“It’s fun to be part of something with other women”, was a comment that I had one of our new Mitten Kitten SUP’rs.

If you want to learn to stand up paddle and you’d like another woman to teach you, we are the place to be to learn to S.U.P.  Yes, I said that!   One thing that I’ve learned over the past 4 years of teaching in Michigan, is that we’ve built a community of women who are each amazing, unique and adventurous.  When we come together, we are awesome!

Last Saturday 3 beginners joined our experienced paddlers for one of the most beautiful mornings on the water.   As we unloaded the equipment, we drank some yummy coffee from Teeko’s and Kahuna Coffeehouses in Howell.  Then after a short beginner lesson, off we went across the lake.

The ages of our group is what really makes me happy.  From 30 to 62, we all came together to be the same age.  The age where we could be our happy selves.  As we made our way to a small waterway, we were able to slow down and take in the beauty.

Then we were welcomed by one of the most beautiful small kettle lakes in the tri-county area.  No homes, no boats, no jet skis….just the feeling of being “Up North”.  It was here that we sat down, relaxed and tried an impromptu board yoga class.  For me, as the instructor, it was pure bliss!

As time ticked by, we started back to shore.  One of the main differences that you’ll find with Paddle the Mitten (& SUP Michigan) is that we provide an experience, not just a paddle lesson or tour.

Have you ever heard “You get what you pay for?”

With that in mind, after our lesson we had a healthy, whole food brunch waiting for the paddlers.  Infused berry & cucumber water, Summer SUP Salad, fresh organic hard boiled eggs from our farm and a sweet gluten free treat.

Here is an account of the day from new paddler and Mitten Kitten:

“What a great morning! I am so happy that I signed up for the training and SUP on Lower Pettibone Lake today! I have never paddle boarded, but the sport looked interesting; I saw offers (groupons) from another instructor and decided on registering with Linda.

Boy, I was not disappointed.
There were three “newbies” and Linda patiently and thoroughly explained how we should get on the board kneeling first and then, when we felt like it, we could stand.

I wobbled, my legs shook, and my feet tried to balance me. I used muscles I never knew I had. Linda said to look up, not down. I did that and very soon I could feel my balance becoming easier to maintain.

About 10 other experienced paddlers put their boards in the water and all of us paddled the entire distance of the lake; we arrived at a secluded lagoon where we basked in the sunshine and did yoga on the boards. Imagine!
From trying to balance while standing to doing yoga about a half hour later. It was enlightening and calming.
We paddled back to the boat launch where Linda served us a delicious and healthy brunch; we all sat on the dock and enjoyed each other’s company. When asked if I would do it again, I eagerly responded, “Yes!”. Thank you Linda! From a grateful student
P.S. Don’t think you are too old to try this new sport. I am a 62 year old Grandmother-it was a lot of fun.”

And this is exactly why I teach stand up paddling, the  Aloha Spirit from the authenic heart.  It’s not just a paddle board lesson, it’s the experience.

Much Mahalos, Lindy


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Save Your Skin when Summer SUPing!

10369741_10202979881275307_772487271858636892_n IMG_1831 IMG_1849

Sitting in front of my Dermatologist, I was nervous only because I know how badly I have treated my skin!  When I was 13 years old, the rage was baby oil and aluminum foil!  Then I met an “older” friend from Florida and she taught me how laying out on the black asphalt with Crisco oil would make you tan…or burn and then tan.  I cringe at this now, but back then, we were cool as a cucumber and as hot as an egg frying in a pan.

I had a half smile on my face when the Doc came in.  It was the month of April and I had been out of the sun since October.  Michigan’s winter was very long and I was a “white” as I could be.

Perfect timing I thought!  Wrong.

He could tell with his “loop” that I had years of sun painted upon my face and on my whole body for that matter.

He immediatley told his assistant that I needed to have something taken (frozen) off my face.  Son of a gun, that hurt!  Then as he inspected my head, neck and down, behind and under things he marked other areas of concern.  He announced that 5 biopsies would be taken to be tested for cancer.  I had 2 serious “spots”, one on my chest and the other on my underside.  I thank tanning beds for that one.  As they say “Shit just got real”.

The results came back and I’m going to just say, there will never be a day that I will go without sunscreen, a UPF shirt & clothing with a big brimmed hat when possible!  I’m blue eyed and “blonde” haired, with easily tanned skin.  But, I have been burned.  Serious burns as recent as last year when I was training with Julie Roach in Florida.  Needless to say, the medicine I was on for my Rheumatoid Arthritis made me even more sensitive to the sun.

Regardless of where you are, the cloud cover, your skin tone (I have a close friend who is African American and he had skin cancer recently also), we are all subject to skin damage and skin cancer.  I’ve been asked by several people in the recent weeks for a recommendation on products.

Organic, natural and chemical sunscreens are all avaiable.  I can only recommend the one’s I have tried.  When it comes to Organic, Coola and Raw Elements are my favorite.  You won’t always get the “clean” rubbed in look, you may have a white tint to your face or body – but you will be protected.  And then Sun Bum products have been a very good choice for me and my activities.  I’ve had a Mother from Florida also say that she really likes Sun Bum.

So, when you are putting sunscreen on – put it on 15 minutes prior to going into the sun (not on the beach) and then try to re-apply after being in the water or sweating.  Some sunscreens will “trap” in your body heat.  I’ve had this happen, where I feel like I’m hotter than I really should be, read up, research and pick the best product for your activities and body type.

Another possibilty is the UPF clothing & protective eye wear.  I have successfully used Sweet Water Wear by Sean Sweet and Athleta’s UPF clothing.  Athleta offers a professional yoga teacher discount in stores, which has helped me protect myself.  In eye wear I have found that Dizm Eco Eyewear offers great protection and style!

So, as we go into this Memorial Day weekend of sun and fun, while we remember what the Holiday is really meant to be….protect your self from head to toe!

If you like what you see, please subscribe and share this story.

We love our clients & readers!  Now get out and SUP!

Mahalo, Lindy


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New Locations to Better Serve YOU!

The 2014 Season is almost here and we are so excited to bring Stand Up Paddle Boarding to Suttons Bay, Michigan and to more inland lakes in Southeast Michigan.  As the leader inland SUP, we always strive to bring our clients more value for not only their dollar, but for their life!


Our Beginner SUP101 classes offer a glance into our SUP Yoga, Advanced Race Technique and PaddleFit classes.  This year we have focused on being a community and coming together to paddle for pints and for brew (the java kind).  We also offer our wildly popular Sunday Morning Cup of SUP Yoga again this year!

Find us in your own lake or at one of the amazing State Parks!  If you have a group, we specialize in creating an experience you won’t soon forget.  Just give us a call or email and we can get you scheduled!  Our calendar is filling up, so book soon!

If you like what you see and you’d like to learn more about the how-tos and ins and outs…. sign-up for our emails and we will see you on the water!

Find Your Inner Hawaiian with US!

And Mahalo for Supporting a Locally Woman-owned Business!

~ Lindy

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Help Feel Great when SUPing!

It used to be the “Hippy” thing to do.  I would have many people turn their noses up to my way of not eating beef.  They’d role their eyes and almost be disgusted.

Now, I find that it’s almost completley opposite!  Being a Vegan, Gluten-Free or Meatless is everyday conversation.  Check out this fun article from our friends at MindBodyGreen.

Aloha and Healthy SUP Living to all!





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