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Simply Spring Surprises!


May 7, 2014 Leland, Michigan   When you live in Michigan the saying “Wait 10 minutes and the weather will change” can be no truer!  We are currently in the throws of Springtime and Mother Nature is having a hard time chasing Old Man Winter out of the scene.  I’ve been traveling around Michigan this past week and I’ve see signs of spring, but with my winter layers keeping me warm, I’m just a little skeptical about the predicted 80 Degree day coming up.

Even though the thermostat doesn’t say it’s almost summer, we have been busy planning for Paddle the Mitten & SUP Michigan’s classes & events.  Just last weekend, Ryan, our new manager of the Suttons Bay SUP Michigan location began to set up the Beginner Paddle Technique, workout and tour schedules.  The area is truly the most beautiful around!

So, don’t give up on the paddle season!  Keep positive thoughts coming and soon enough it will be time to Stand Up Paddle in the Mitten State!  And if it does snow again….just think of it as a positive sign that the lakes will be full!

2014 SUP Season Begins!

April 23, 2014 Hartland, Michigan   If you missed this weeks blog postie on Samata Magazine’s website, you’d find out that I was totally frustrated with the lingering winter.  But, now that we’ve had a 70 plus degree day, I’m feeling much better and hopeful for a fabulous SUP Season!

On Monday April 21st we kicked off the season on Lake Tyrone, a smaller lake between Fenton and Hartland, Michigan.  It was a warm, glassy day with friends that have known each other for years and lots of laughs.  A great day was had by all and there was no ice or snow in sight!

Officially, our Co-ED UP for SUP day if Saturday May 10th.  We are meeting for Boards and Java Brew at Pettibone Lake in Highland Recreation area.  From the Wixom Road exit it is only 2 miles farther than Island Lake Recreation (our old hangout) is!  And this place is unbelievable better for SUPing!!  We can’t wait to show you all!  This paddle is for paddler’s who have had a lesson from us or have paddled before.  Unfortunately, it is not appropriate for beginners because of the temprature of the water.

Everyone is invited!  Cost for joining us is $30 for a pair or $20 a single.  We are giving our proceeds to a charitable cause, Believe in Bella.  Included is any gear, coffee and healthy snack.  Free is the crazy fabulous friends you will meet!


Go Snow, Hello Open Water

April 15, 2014 Howell, Michigan –  Paddle the Mitten & Stand UP Paddle Michigan announces that they are a new dealership for Riviera Stand Up Paddle Boards.  It may have snowed last night but we aren’t giving up on it being a HOT summer!

Check out for our new line of paddle boards.  What a great way to spend your tax return!


March is Like a Polar Bear, Not a Lamb


2Snow Shoeing and SUPing, two great seasonal activities for women!

Go Away Old Man Winter!

 A few years ago I posted on FB that I was having withdrawals from paddling, partially as a joke, partially the truth.  It was February in Michigan and we had a series of cloudy, cold, snowy days.  That night I received an email from my friend and waterman, Bob.  I’ve known Bob for about 10 years.  We met when I worked at Surftech in Santa Cruz and he worked called looking to purchase rescue boards for the East Lansing Fire Department.  We immediately had the Michigan connection and both respected water.

 He wrote,“Don’t get down and give up. Know that one day soon the lakes will be open and you will be SUPing everyday again.  You’re a tough women, just remember that if you lived where it was sunny and warm everyday your life would be easy, but you also would take your passion for granted.  It’s tough in many ways being a water woman in cold climates. Be proud of yourself”. 

That email changed my life in a way.  Since that winter, I looked at the weather as being a time to come within, sleep, get recharged, take care of myself and others.  For the past 2 years, I hadn’t complained knowing that the winter season is a quarter of our lives….and since I am choosing to live here, why waste time bitching?

This philosophy was perfect for me.  Being that I have Rheumatoid Arthritis, the cold weather makes me slow down a bit, but I embrace it by teaching hot yoga classes and soaking in a hot bath.  Winters provide me time to catch up with my Mother who is terminally ill with cancer and it’s also given me time to really reflect on life.  It’s a welcomed time of year, I look forward to slowing my roll or paddle in my case.

That was then, and here we are in March 2014.  The calendar tells me we are more than a week into Spring.  The tilt of the Earth and the rising sun also tells me that we are past the Spring Equinox.  But, apparently these scientific milestones are trumped this year by Old Man Winter!  Just this morning before I even could sip my first coffee, I overheard someone say, “It’s a chilly 8 degrees outside”.  And to drive that point home, last night another inch of snow covered my deck, making it 89 inches of snow since November.

IMG_0963-SNOWPlaying King of the Mountain, Suttons Bay, Michigan

 Woo-hoo, I think we’ve officially made the record book in this area and I now know what it is like to live in the Arctic! Whoopie…I didn’t even get an “I survived the Polar Vortex 2014” t-shirt.

 Tactics to Survive

All joking aside, surviving cold winter months can be hard for many people.  In order to keep positive, I’ve given up looking at the calendar.  Yes, I do have deadlines for business and appointments to attend, but overall I’m not comparing this year to last year.

I keep my daily rituals in order to keep myself balanced.  This year I did not travel over the winter and so my routine is fairly refined.  Unfortunately, that includes several cookies with my coffee in the morning.  I call it living, but my waistline may not say the same thing.  As I blend up a healthy mid-morning smoothie, I write my “To-done list” for the day and mentally check my schedule.  Time management is crucial for being in business and running a household in the winter.  Being that the days become shorter and then longer, having the right lighting and motivation to get things done is important.

Staying strong physically and keeping the ell bees off as a middle-aged woman can be a bit challenging any time of year, but especially now.  It’s natural for everyone to seek comfort when it’s cold outside.  Whether it’s food that reminds people of their childhood or cuddling up on the couch with your favorite blanket to watch movies, we all have our comfort solutions.  I fall victim to both of these things,  I am a foodie, who has never had to “diet”.  But, now I follow the guidelines of a healthy whole food lifestyle (including cookies) that helps me feel good from winter to summer.  And since my RA diagnosis, boy do I like to cuddle up with my heating pad and watch a Sex in the City marathon!  Yes, I admit it – why not?!  Getting some good rest and sleep will keep you young and I’ve been told that your body heals when you sleep.

It was just yesterday that I caught myself going for a walk.  I crossed over to the cliffs from my house in the Jewel Box of Capitola and headed down to the Village.  Walking along the ocean, I grabbed a coffee, met some friends and continued to walk out onto the beach.  The tide was out and we were able to tide pool a bit.  The starfish were bright and urchins intriguing.  Then, I looked up and I saw that it was snowing.  I had only walked 3 miles on the treadmill at the point and I realized that I was daydreaming about my past when I was my happiest and care-free.

Walking the treadmill, snowshoeing, and using my Indo Gigante cushions with a new Riviera board has helped get me through the winter fitness blahs.  I also own a couple Indo Yoga Boards that are easy to take to my yoga studio or a friend’s house for a little yoga practice.  Without having these activities, physically and mentally I’m not sure how fit I really would be.  I’ve made friends with all of these activities and I look forward to them these days – even if I expect to ditch them as soon as it’s sunny outside and there is open water! Shhh, don’t tell them!

And so, for many of you this is all a foreign concept.  But, for others this is reality.  Even some of our more “Southern” states, like Tennessee and Georgia have had their fair share of crazy weather in the past few months. It can get frustrating when Mother Nature isn’t cooperating, but let’s just all remember that we are so lucky to have the ability to get outside and do whatever it is we love.  Whether it’s gardening, yoga, stand up paddling or backpacking, any activity is better than no activity.

So, as I end this story I hope that you can all appreciate where your place is on this Earth.  And for those of you who are cold climate water women, please give yourself a warm hug and some credit for making it through one wicked winter and know, it will make stepping onto your paddle board just that much more sweet!

Aloha to All, Lindy

Nommie Nom Cookie Dough Balls

March 24, 2014  One of the best things that I have done since November is I kicked the sugar and gluten out of my life.  Yes, there are times that I fall off the wagon and I enjoy a cookie…but, now I have an acquaintance, Andrea Hood’s amazing recipe to help me stay on that wagon.

I made these in about 30 minutes in my Vitamix and it yield about 16 small 2 bite yummy spheres of goodness.  This morning I ate 3 with my morning brewed coffee and was very satisfied.  Not to mention, I know that cashews and dates are better for me than my old Oreo Blondes!

Dates are high in sugar, but the good sugar.  They also are very high in soluble and non-soluable fiber!  An even better reason to take the time to make these nommie nom cookies!

The Ice is Melting! The Ice is Melting!


March 24, 2014  The 2014 Summer SUP Season will be soon upon us and we will be providing great fun for many.  Our SUP Michigan in the 231 will be teaching visitors and families in the Traverse City Area this year and Paddle the Mitten will be working around the state providing classes and more to women all across Michigan.


New Year New Website

March 21, 2014  

We’ve been working on the business end of our fun business….stay tuned for our 2014 Calendar, events planned and super exciting news.

2014 is going to be a great stand up paddle season for you and your family and friends to get out and enjoy Pure Michigan!

Aloha and see you soon.

Linda and the PTM Team

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